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Welcome to the sign up form for the free regular newsletter email list for Heretical Numerology and The Seeker's Round Table (TSRT) in the Austin, TX area.  There is currently only one newsletter for both Heretical Numerology and TSRT at this time, owned and directed by Julia Chambers.  If you wish to receive the free monthly numerology watches, this is the right newsletter to subscribe to.  If you are looking for the newsletter full of TSRT and other local metaphysical/holistic events, this is also the right newsletter.  Events and information contained in this newsletter are largely related to Central Texas only.

A Note From Julia:

TSRT is my ministry and has grown over the course of a decade now, as well as my numerology work.  If you would like to know a bit more about our group, please check out our intro at  If you would like to know more about me and my work, check out my website at or my blog at

In this newsletter, I am committed to only include events from teachers I actually know and are familiar with their work, ethics and energy and at my discretion only.  Generally these are service oriented teachers who are actively involved with the metaphysical community and who also support the existence of TSRT. 

For our own classes at TSRT, I strive to find the absolute best teacher, highly experienced and/or certified, to teach any given subject.  This is a place for mentors and students to come together in a supportive learning environment.  It is also a place for practicing peers to come together.  (I am not infinite enough to contain all the knowledge of the Universe - we all need others to be experts too! This group helps professionals find and learn about each other.)  And at a low cost of only $15 per class (regular classes).  We are not a non-profit, but TSRT runs similar to one and is truly at this point a ministry. 

TSRT itself only hosts 11 regular classes per year and as such, teaching here is by invitation only.  We host a variety of classes related specifically to metaphysics and areas that are not already highly covered (no reiki, nutrition, or classes based on the work of others unless specifically certified or with permission, etc.).  We also do not repeat subjects or teachers for about 2 years now and each year is planned in advance.  Occasionally we host special events, which may or may not be $15.  Because this mailing list is for all my work, I do include anything I am doing with regard to numerology, dowsing or intuitive work.  I don't teach too many classes per year, but when I do offer them, or am involved with an event, you will hear about it. 

Please get involved, join the community and get to know us before you solicit to us.  When push comes to shove, this is my mailing list and my members trust the relationship and integrity I've established.  I intend to keep it that way.  I send 1-3 newsletters per month, depending on any special events that might be taking place.  I do not in generally forward emails from others, nor do I ever share this list or your personal information with anyone, whether they know you or not.  This is a private list and you can only get on it by meeting me or signing up on this form. 

With that, welcome to the group!  If you have any questions, or are looking for anything in particular, please contact me (Julia) at
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